The Guys

Our commitment to great value and expressive wines is now appreciated from Lahti in Finland to Ipoh in Malaysia. In 5 star hotels in London and seedy dens in Berlin, our wines are providing inspiration wherever good people gather round the table, the kitchen and the bar to tell tall tales while others look on in disbelief.  Where scientific ground is broken, literary masterpieces penned and great musical scores orchestrated.  All over a glass or two of Plan B! wine.

As always, our dedication to bringing you our free range wines, free of corporate taint remains our life’s work.
If you can call it work.  It’s as close as we get to it.

 So, who are we?

Bill has racked up 53 vintages in a career that has spanned almost 50 years.  He has made wine all over Australia, and some have even won big, heavy trophies. Really.

It was famously written a few years ago that Terry hadn’t achieved much in wine, despite many misadventures along the way.


Andrew is The Wine Diplomat at Plan B, strangely responsible for wine diplomacy, whatever that is.