Payday Loans No Credit Check

Payday Loans No Credit Check

That place was a pervs dream. This is an amazing dive bar. It's just a wretched, smelly place that looks like a glorified living room. It seemed better then.

I went to it in January of this year with him and man, it's seen better days (though my friend thinks the bar payday loans might be the same). pay day loan A real depressing, sad place. If you want to see a cool dive bar there are many others not payday loans far away. I came here during the day and had a great time.

I will come again payday loans a good time. Man, this place is depressing. Imagine a huge selection of drunken degenerates, the prematurely aged 30 year old (or well preserved 50 year old) Japanese bartender with cleavage hanging out, the thin layer of soapy scum on the bar. Like most dive bars, drinks are poured with a heavy hand, but I just couldn't get into the vibe of Monte Carlo Bar.

Perhaps I only have it in my heart to reserve Frank n Hanks on Western as my dive bar of choice in Ktown. The pool table is in very poor condition and it's nearly impossible to play a game on it because of spacing in the back.

The juke box has great selection and the bartenders is very friendly and makes you feel very welcome. This place is quiet, kinda off the grid and has a great staff.

Awesome little dive bar to just relax and hang out. FIRST OFF, the jukebox is legit. There is no 8 BALL, the bartender (who is fucking awesome) says it was fucking stolen. ALSO there is no 7 BALL. THE DRINKS are NOT watered down. The dive of all dives. Yes, you heard it first. This is like if the Drawing Room met the Goldroom - and they had a baby. Meanwhile, if King Eddy Saloon met Frank N Hanks and they had a baby. And by some miracle, those two babies met and fucked - this would be the product of the shit they birthed.

The joint looks a bit run-down (but it only adds to it's charm). Aside from the bar area, a few stools are scattered about for your seating convenience. If professional sports are not your thing, well first off. In any event, the Monte Carlo offers a pool table to sooth that billiards itch and a vending machine to sooth that "I don't need to go on a diet" presumption (chips, cookies, etc.

As for the soundtrack, an assortment of genre's overplay from the jukebox at any given moment. From Chente to Bowie. The bartender, a voluptuous-Japanese Elvira lookin' gal is very welcoming and can communicate with you in English, Spanish, her native tongue or drunken bar slur.

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